Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

From mixed media classics to edgy modern makeovers - marble continues to dominate the design world and for good reason. This versatile, natural, and sustainable material easily makes its way into whatever style or budget your home may trend towards. Here are some incredible bathroom makeovers to inspire your next project.

This designer brought the vintage look to a whole new level by turning this antique credenza into a vanity by adding a sleek marble bathroom countertop. The mixed media as a whole gives this whole space a modern feel while capturing an old school vibe.

As Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a good idea.” So is this floor to ceiling marble bathroom in this Parisian apartment. This designer brought this bathroom to life with show stopping simplicity.

(Source unknown)

(Source unknown)

Scandinavian style is known for its minimalistic yet functional design and neutral color pallet. While some might imagine “minimalistic and functional” to be unattractive this designer proved them wrong with an excellent mix of marble and light wood in this modern bungalow.

A new twist on a modern classic with the mix of marble counters and black hardware in this design. The cherrywood floors warm up this space and bring a balance to the decor that makes it a great fit for any home.

Last, but certainly not least we cannot get enough of this incredible design that brings bold color and soft accents together. It is an excellent blend of darkness and light.

Have you considered incorporating marble into your bathroom decor. Whether you are looking for a striking statement or a classic design we have the perfect match for your style. Contact us and let us help you bring your dream bathroom to life.

7 Inspirational Kitchens for your Dream Board

Dream boards they have been around forever. Our moms used to go through dozens of magazines, cutting out pictures, tearing out pages, and using good old fashion glue to paste them to a poster board. Today we scroll the internet and “pin it” to our Pinterest boards. Dreaming of how we want our future homes to look is a timeless tradition passed from one generation to the other.

This month we have done a little curating from our own inspiration and dream boards to bring you seven inspirational kitchens you’ll want to add to your own dream board.

The mixture elements from the natural wood island to the marble countertop to the stunning backsplash make this this beautiful design by @whitesparrowfarm a neutral space that is far from boring!

Shades of grey never go out of style. This impeccable kitchen by Humphrey Munson caught our eye as it added the perfect shade to compliment the antique hardware and sleek lines of the granite countertops. Also…we’d like a bite of whatever is in that cake dish over there.

Not one detail is missing from this incredible design from Whitetail Farm.
From the mix of light fixtures to the the barn cabinet doors, and all the way to the curtain under the sink make this kitchen a perfect design inspiration for those who love a good country kitchen.

Scrolling for inspiration came to a complete halt when this sensational kitchen came across the screen. Lots of rustic charm made modern with granite counter and table tops. Charm and elegance have come together in this design by @dreamywhitelifestyle.

Where do we start with this remarkable gorgeous design by The Fox Group. Simple elegance has been made grand with those herringbone floors and those floor to ceiling backsplashes. This classic kitchen has all the right inspiration.

Design 4 corners have created a perfect statement with this island. Adding a great contrast to the white kitchen, this island fits right in with the on trend designs this year.

Saving the best for last, this modern take on a farmhouse kitchen is one of the most popular dream board items on Pinterest. With good reason. This design by Old Seagrove Homes brings together all of the charm of a farmhouse kitchen with the elegance of a modern kitchen to give us a space we all dream of owning one day.

What ever designs grace your dream board this year we hope you will consider us as your source for sustainable surfaces that will make your dreams come to life.

Easy Ways to Update the Kitchen (without breaking the bank)

Spring is here and we are feeing that natural urge to spring clean and spruce up our spaces. Looking at the design trends for the year we’ve explored some advice from designers on how to update your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas we cannot wait to try.


Stark white kitchens will always be popular, but as we shared last month color is making a comeback. More and more designers are bringing kitchens to life with contrasting colors like the one by Brett Mickan shown above. This jewel tone contrast brings new life and a modern touch to the kitchen, while still using white to compliment and draw it all together.


When people start into kitchen projects they often think they need to overhaul the whole thing, however, often keeping the core and splurging on one main focal point can make all the difference. If granite or soapstone countertops are your dream. Do it! That investment will make a dramatic difference and serve you for years to come.

You can compliment this change inexpensively by painting the existing cabinets and add a modern touch by changing out the hardware.


If you are still completely in love with your all white kitchen, you are not alone. There is a reason this look is such a classic and timeless look. We love color here at Imagine Surfaces, and believe it can be brought into the picture in many different ways. For instance, this designer went with classic granite surfaces and added in color with these stunning green light fixtures.

No matter how you decide to spruce up your space this year we hope you will contact us to help bring just the right design to your project.

Behind the Scenes: From Trash to Treasure

Behind the Scenes: From Trash to Treasure

It happens every week - people wheel the recycling bin out to the curb, a truck comes by to pick it up and off it goes never to be seen again – or does it?  It could be you have actually seen those discarded wine bottles in your neighbor’s kitchen long after you recycled them, or perhaps the glass from that demolished building downtown ended up in a friend’s kitchen in the lake house they just had renovated.  With Vetrazzo countertops one man’s trash (or recycling) really does become treasure.