Welcome to Imagine Surfaces

Welcome! I would like to take a moment to introduce my company Imagine Surfaces – we are here to help you create a home filled with beautiful and unique surfaces that reflect your own style and personality.

My passion for assisting customers find the perfect surfaces to showcase their homes started while living in India, helping clients locate and import luxury surfaces. Hunting for that special granite slab for a customer many thousands of miles away crystalized the importance of first class customer service. Along the way, I fell in love with the beauty of earth’s handiwork in the varieties of stone and materials that we can adorn our homes with as countertops, tile and flooring. These surfaces will be part of your life for years to come – it is what you cook, eat, walk and live on. I believe in a no-pressure policy and I understand the importance of having all the information and options available when making these choices.

 From my many years of working with these materials I have a deep knowledge and appreciation for natural and fabricated surfaces - the grace and beauty of marble, the rich and sometimes exotic look of granite, the sleekness and durability of soapstone. I’m also passionate about providing quality eco-friendly products like Vetrazzo recycled glass countertops, which offer both vibrancy in color, incredibly durability and the knowledge you are doing the earth good by using a sustainable material.

Whatever your design aesthetic or your goals as a customer and consumer, Imagine Surfaces is here to help you fill your home with beautiful surfaces. We will help you find the perfect “gem” to make your home stand apart.

-Matt Gordon

Owner/CEO of Imagine Surfaces