Non-White Kitchens

We love the look of a sleek all-white kitchen, boasting classic marble counters and white cabinets, but what about all of you who think white is (gasp!) boring?! Well, we have rounded up some unique ideas and inspirations for you to consider when designing the heart of your home that are anything but plain white. 

Photo via  Jean Louis-Deniot .

This metallic beauty still uses white and gray marble, but the real showstopper is the metallic and reflective gold cabinetry. We love this look of luxury and whimsy, still giving this small space a clean cohesive look without settling for all white. By taking the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling, this kitchen maximizes storage space and creates a clean visual line that make the space appear larger than it really is. 

Photo via  The D Pages .

Photo via The D Pages.

Have you ever thought about wallpaper in your kitchen? We love this graphic kitchen from The D Pages featuring a bold wallpaper and open shelving instead of upper cabinets. This wallpaper gives the rest of the neutral kitchen a visual punch and keeps things interesting at the same time. We have seen a resurgence of wallpaper in recent years; are you bold enough to use it in your space? We just have to ask: whose faces are those? 

Photo via  Karen Soojian .

Photo via Karen Soojian.

Most of you consider navy blue a neutral in your wardrobe, so why not in your kitchen as well? This navy blue traditional stunner by Karen Soojian has us dreaming about bold hues to make our kitchens pop rather than blend. This kitchen is anything but boring and by keeping the wall and cabinet color the same, the kitchen still has continuity and the color doesn't break up the space or make the kitchen feel small.  

Photo via My Scandinavian Home.

Photo via My Scandinavian Home.

Most of us would say that wood-grain cabinets look outdated, but that is hardly the case in this modern beauty from My Scandinavian Home. Warm wood cabinets and a similar hue countertop are used to create a simple backdrop for other design elements to take center stage, like the tile backsplash and bold dining room light fixture. You can easily coordinate your kitchen surfaces with your cabinet color by using a surface like Vetrazzo, our unique countertop option made from recycled glass material. 

Photo via  Design Milk

Photo via Design Milk

What if you don't want a white kitchen, but you're not feeling as adventurous as you originally thought? Let us introduce you to another neutral: gray. You can still achieve a visually clean space with minimal effort by painting your cabinetry a shade of gray, as seen in this warm kitchen with brass fixtures. This neutral color creates a small contrast that fulfills your desire for something different, but doesn't overwhelm the space. 

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