Bathroom Transformations

Around here, we love kitchens. Big kitchens, small kitchens, we love kitchens... because we love countertops. Today, we are going to take a quick departure from kitchens to talk about an often overlooked room of the house: the powder room! It's true, and powder room renovations are neglected many times in favor of focusing design time and budget on larger rooms, but we want to show the you the impact of a well-designed powder room. Your guests, especially, will appreciate it. The best part of a thoughtful powder room redesign is that you can make a huge impact with a few relatively small changes. The upside to working on a smaller space, is that of course, you need less materials, including less square footage of countertops, which translates to a smaller renovation cost.  

Let's look at two examples of bathroom renovations that made an impact in the home's overall feeling: 

First, this powder room by The Decor Detective is an excellent example of what infusing a little of the homeowner's personality into a space can do to create an appealing space. This bathroom started as a neutral space with zero personality, but that all changed with a few minor adjustments. 

See the complete before and after at The Decor Detective; we especially love the carrara white marble that helps complete this small but impactful transformation. The contrast of the light countertop and the painted vanity provide visual interest without causing the entire space to feel dark or overwhelming. 

The second design is a Los Angeles condo by Vanessa Matsalla, and you can see the entire reveal as featured on Domino. We are so happy that she gave proper attention to the bathroom that was in desperate need of a facelift. When working in a small space like a bathroom, it is important to choose one or two focal design elements. We love adding drama to a small bathroom with a bold countertop, like the thick, veined marble that Vanessa used. 

Vanessa's best design advice is "less is more" and we love letting quality materials and sound design speak for itself. Her marble vanity top, paired with this hand-painted tile is a simple selection that adds the perfect touch to this small space. 

When planning your bathroom remodel, let us help you select and source a surface that best fits your design and budget.