Vetrazzo Countertops at Home

We are committed to sustainability here at Imagine Surfaces, so we love working with companies who are also making an impact on the design industry. Vetrazzo produces countertops made from recycled glass that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to add a unique story to your space. We have shown you Vetrazzo in action at Preserve, a restaurant in Maryland, but have you seen it in a home yet? 

Vetrazzo gives a light, airy backdrop for any kitchen or bathroom space and naturally brings the color of your choice into your space. The kitchen above features a robin's egg blue oven that is the focal point of the room, complimented perfectly by the varying shades of blue in the Vetrazzo Bretagne Blue surface. The kitchen below showcases the Vetrazzo Floating Blue Surface in an otherwise all-white kitchen; the color is carried further into the home with the dining room light fixture and two head dining chairs. 

The bathroom below has a beachy coastal vibe, featuring the Vetrazzo Sea Pearl Finish also in Floating Blue. The special finish gives the glass a polished sea glass feel and makes the surface soft and smooth to touch, while adding some dimension and texture to a normally flat surface. 

This airy bathroom also features Vetrazzo tiles in the shower, which are produced domestically, along with their slabs, in Tate, Georgia - just another reason we love Vetrazzo. 

You can see the Sea Pearl finish more clearly in the photo below: the larger pieces of recycled glass are raised above the resin surface and polished to feel soft to the touch in a process similar to the one used to produce heathered finishes on natural stone. You can see more details about this bathroom or other Vetrazzo products at; you can also view our current Vetrazzo inventory for more ideas!