White Carrara Marble

You may be wondering, "What is White Carrara?"

That is one of the most complicated questions to answer in the stone industry.  White Carrara Marble is widely viewed as the most popular and most famous marble in the world, and is named after the Italian city where it is quarried: Carrara.  It is famous for its soft white background and subtle gray veining.  However, if you have ever tried to shop for “White Carrara” you have surely noticed many different varieties and price points within that category.  Some slabs of White Carrara are clean and almost solid white, some are white with substantial veining, while others are almost a solid gray.  

Not only do the colors vary, but even the names of the stone can vary, which is why it is so important to work with someone who is knowledgeable about the different varieties of White Carrara.

At Imagine Surfaces, we have:
White Carrara
White Carrara CD
White Carrara C
White Carrara C Extra
White Carrara Premium
White Gioia
Aqua Bianca
..and more!

So, if you are shopping for “White Carrara”, how do you know what exactly to ask for?

The general rule of thumb is that the whiter the slabs, and the less “veining,” the higher the quality and the more expensive the marble slab will be.  So, it is important to know that if you are shopping for the cheapest “White Carrara” you can find, you will most likely end up with a “Gray Carrara,” or an unbalanced slab with a range of heavy to light veining on opposite ends of the slab. 

For example, here is a high quality slab of White Carrara; notice that this slab has consistent veining across the entire surface:


Now look at this slab:


This slab is also called "White Carrara", and in fact, it’s from the same quarry as the previous slab. You will notice that the overall color in this slab is more gray than white.  The left side of the slab looks much different than the rest of the slab (we call these slabs "unbalanced") and the veining is also much heavier than the previous slab.  Due to this slab's color, veining, and unbalanced overall coloring, this “White Carrara” might be about half the price of the slab in the previous photo. 

These are only 2 different examples of 2 different varieties of White Carrara.  The names and the prices have almost endless varieties due to the different overall look of the slab, the veining, and even which parts of the quarry the Carrara comes from. 

When searching for a White Carrara countertop, it is important to make sure that you hand-select the exact slabs you want. You will pay a little more for higher quality slabs, but there is a reason they are more expensive- you are paying for the quality and look of a balanced marble surface! It can take time to find the slab that is exactly right for your space, so don't be discouraged if you don't find what you're looking for during your first trip. We would love to help you find the perfect slab of White Carrara for your project; call Matt at (443) 598-2992 for an immediate consultation or email matt@imaginesurfaces.com to learn more about shopping for White Carrara with Imagine Surfaces.