How to Choose the Right Kitchen Backsplash

Of course we love marble countertops and know that most people are immediately drawn to one style of marble over another, but how do you choose all of the other surfaces in your kitchen to complement your marble countertops? The backsplash, cabinet color, tile or hardwood floor, and even the light fixtures all play a role in creating a finished, balanced space in your kitchen. There are many eye-catching options when it comes to choosing a backsplash to complement your new marble countertops to fit each style and budget. Here are five of our favorite kitchen backsplashes that will complement almost any marble countertop.

1. Marble Backsplash

This is always a winning combination! For a seamless look, bring the marble counters up onto the backsplash to add some drama to your kitchen. This is definitely a modern look for a kitchen, so if you're going for a "sleek" design then this option is definitely for you. Additional marble slabs for your backsplash can be pricey, but create a seamless design between your upper and lower cabinets that make them worth considering.

2. Glass Tile

Subway tiles made of glass are a great way to introduce a new texture into your space without overpowering your existing design by adding another color or dominant pattern. This gray glass tile in the photo below is a perfect example of how to pull a complementary color from your marble countertops and use it as a backsplash, giving a cohesive look to your kitchen while still adding visual interest with a new shape and texture. Experiment with different color tiles before making your final selection; neutrals add subtle visual interest while a bold glass tile color will dramatically change the overall look and feel of your space. 

3. Marble Tile

The marble tile option is a great compromise between the first two options: a marble slab or glass tile. Marble tile is a much cheaper option than a marble slab and it still gives the space a little bit of visual variation to keep the eye moving throughout the area. In the photo below, the backsplash tile is a great link between the white upper cabinets and the gray lower cabinets with the marble countertop. Marble tiles with a slight color variation from the countertops can be used or the same tones can be utilized for a more classic overall design.

4. Geometric Design

If you're looking for a non-traditional kitchen design, your backsplash can make a huge visual impact and push your kitchen design out of the ordinary! This geometric backsplash design made from tiles below is an eye catching feature that serves as a focal point in this kitchen. If you are looking for a hip design feature, you can still use a classic neutral marble countertop but add punch with a geometric patterned backsplash, complete with a modern brass sink fixture.

5. Hexagonal Tile

To keep your kitchen design neutral without being boring, think about a neutral color backsplash in an interesting shape. This hexagonal tile is the perfect retro complement to this classic marble countertop; it doesn't detract any attention from the counters, but instead, complements the marble color selection perfectly and adds visual interest with a subtle pattern. The photo below is a great example of how to create an open and airy kitchen by taking your backsplash all the way up the wall and using an open shelving concept instead of traditional upper cabinets. 

There are endless backsplash options to complete your kitchen remodel, but these favorites never fail us and should be considered in your new design. We would love to help you start the redesign process by working with you to select the marble countertop that best suits your space! Contact us for more information or inspiration.