Behind the Scenes: What Makes Soapstone so Special

A metamorphic rock composed primarily of talc mixed with other minerals, soapstone is one of the oldest known quarried rocks. Its versatile makeup has made it the choice of stone for a wide variety of uses over the centuries including bullet molds, ornamental carvings, molds for metal casting, and electrical panels. (source).

In more recent years, designers have come back to this stone as an eco-friendly choice for countertops. The natural stone with its muted palate fits right in to a farmhouse kitchen, while its minimal look also appeals to the most contemporary of spaces. But what makes this material so special?

Eco-friendly: Soapstone is a quarried natural stone composed mostly of mineral talc. There are two types to be found in nature - one that contains more talc and is used for decor such as carvings or statues, and one that contains higher percentages of quartz making it a harder surface perfect for countertops, sinks, or any other surface where a designer might use granite or marble. It does not require a sealant making it a great choice for those desiring a non-toxic home.

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Hardy: Because of its composition, soapstone stands up to a beating when it comes to a busy kitchen. It is naturally heat resistant and can take a hot pan or skillet without being damaged. It is non-porous helping to make it stain resistant. That same factor keeps it from being absorbent reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Versatile: While countertops are the seemingly obvious choice for this beautiful stone, taking in the factors above designers have begun to find all sorts of unique uses for soapstone including fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, flooring, and more.

Because no two slabs are alike, soapstone will make a statement where ever you choose to use it. Our soapstone is supplied by the only soapstone quarry in the United States and has been a designer’s choice for years. To help you decide on the right shade for your project or just to put it to the test contact us to get more information and order a sample of this beautiful yet durable product.