Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

It is the most wonderful time of the year. That is how the song goes anyway. Yet for many people this time of year is actually THE most stress-filled time of the year. Instead of “much jingle belling” there is usually “much yelling” and very little actual cheer.

While we can’t promise a completely perfect holiday - we are a countertop company not Santa. We do have a couple of ideas that may help you make this season a little more merry.

Keep it Simple

One of the worst things we do during the holidays is find an idea on pinterest and try to make our house look just like that. The truth is no one’s house actually looks like that on a normal day. What you cannot see just off camera are the piles of laundry, the dirty dishes hiding behind the counter on the floor, and the children screaming upstairs. Decor inspiration is supposed to be just that - inspiration. This year, find one simple thing you truly love that you can make the focal point of your decor, put it in the place where you spend the most time (like a Christmas tree in the kitchen!), and leave the false idea of perfection behind.

Buy the cookies

From Christmas cookies to Christmas dinner. Unless you just really love being in the kitchen and creating works of art it is okay to buy the cookies…or whatever you’ve been asked to bring. This time of year we have these ideas in our heads that we have to head to the kitchen and suddenly be the world’s best cooks. We find elaborate recipes and try to make them. We often do this just before a party and end up frazzled with flour in our hair. It is not pretty and just adds to the stress levels of the season. Going back to the point above you can keep it simple by mixing up a batch of sugar cookies that every one will love….OR just head to the store and buy your favorites. Everyone will still love them…we promise.

Be Present

No matter where this season finds you. Be present where you are. If you are the host of the party do not worry about all the little things that only you know didn’t get done. Do not apologize for what you think is missing. Be present with your guests. That is what they will remember most, not if you didn’t get that third tree put up in the foyer like you wanted.

If you are the party guest. Be present. Do not worry if you couldn’t find the perfect gift…it does not exist anyway. Your friends are not worried about if you brought store bought cookies or forgot their gift at home. They want you there because they enjoy you. Just you.

Happy Holidays

We want to take a moment now to pause and be present ourselves. As we pause for this season and reflect on this year, we want to say thank you so much for a wonderful year. From our family to yours we wish you the very best Holiday season - stress free and beauty filled.

Happy Holidays! See you next year!