Color Inspiration: 50 Shades of Gray

Gray is having a major moment in the spotlight and we are in full support of this neutral powerhouse! From a soft palette to bold contrast, gray can do it all, and make it look effortless. Let's talk about why you should think about using gray as a decor building block in your kitchen. 

Gray is neutral, calming, and classic- the perfect color to use in the busiest room of your house, the kitchen. From almost white, to almost black, all shades of gray can be used in the kitchen to create a backdrop for your countertops to stand out and be the star of the show, which we love! 

Gray Plays Well With All Surfaces

We love gray seeing gray cabinets used with soapstone countertops to create a moody palette in the kitchen. Both elements are classics and work well together to create a cohesive feeling in the space and not detract from other design elements. 

Gray also pairs well with marble, especially a marble countertop with gray veining in the stone. Gray cabinets with marble countertops is a more traditional look that will be in style for years to come. We love this combination paired with light hardwood floors- another neutral to complete the look.

Gray Supports All Metals

Some paint and cabinet colors limit your options for cabinet pulls, light fixtures, and other finishes in your kitchen, but gray opens up all possibilities. Whether light or dark gray, a variety of finishes are excellent complements in a gray kitchen. The brushed nickel fixtures blend seamlessly into the cool gray cabinets and marble countertops in the kitchen below. 

Brass fixtures are a great option for a gray kitchen that is looking for a more trendy vibe in the space. Brass has gone through phases of popularity, but it has definitely regained its spot at the top of the list for trending finishes in the design world. 

Lastly, we love seeing iron pulls on gray cabinets to create a masculine feel in the kitchen. These cool-toned gray cabinets, paired with soapstone countertops use iron cabinet pulls to complete this clean and simple kitchen design. 

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