Why the Farmhouse Trend Demands Soapstone

As modern design continues to trend toward clean lines and minimalism, the simplicity of soapstone has resurfaced in many farmhouse kitchens – in more ways than one.


The strong, light grey boasts old warm charm on its surfaces, anchoring countertops against backdrops of white walls and natural light. As years pass, the light grey naturally oxidizes into a dark charcoal for an added touch of warmth. The timeless look fits both the modern and traditional kitchen without the risk of dating itself.


The cut not only fits into most kitchen and bathroom renovations, but unlike many other alternatives, soapstone’s nonporous surface is naturally antibacterial and will not easily discolor from stains or spills. It is the only stone that does not require a chemical sealer, withstanding the effects of acidic ingredients often found in the kitchen – such as lemon juice, wine, black coffee or vinegar.


The time needed to maintain the quality of the stone matches the effortless style of the space itself. Run a dishtowel and warm water over the soapstone surfaces daily to easily keep them clean. Regular household cleaners will also care for the sustained look and feel of your countertops, and mineral oil is recommended as an occasional quality enhancement.

Soapstone fits both the simplistic and style needs of farmhouse remodels as a unique option for designers looking for a statement. It’s a seamless fit into either the modern or traditional home, boasting both style and functionality as a bold distinctive beyond standard countertops.  

As always, contact us with any questions about soapstone or other stone surface options – we’re ready to help you get started.