Behind the Scenes: From Trash to Treasure

It happens every week - people wheel the recycling bin out to the curb, a truck comes by to pick it up and off it goes never to be seen again – or does it?  It could be you have actually seen those discarded wine bottles in your neighbor’s kitchen long after you recycled them, or perhaps the glass from that demolished building downtown ended up in a friend’s kitchen in the lake house they just had renovated.  With Vetrazzo countertops, one man’s trash (or recycling) really does become treasure.

Behind the Scenes

Vetrazzo surfaces are created from sources such as old traffic lights, windshields, old shower doors, and even the architectural glass from demolished buildings.  However the majority of the materials come from the curbside recycling programs around the country. Those bottles you threw out last week have a very good chance of making their way to the factory in Tate, Georgia where they will be carefully chosen to create unique Vetrazzo designs.

A Masterpiece in the Making

Once the glass gets to the production plant, each piece of glass is carefully selected and placed by hand into the patented composite materials.  The result is a unique artisan design that cannot be duplicated or produced en masse.   In fact, some pieces are once in a lifetime as they are created from materials that can only be acquired through limited supply – such as the “Traffic-light Red” which is created from recycled glass traffic lights.

Whatever they are made of – Skyy vodka bottles, old windows, or antique Coke bottles these works of art are a perfect addition to your home. Contact us to find out more and get a handcrafted masterpiece into your next design project.