4 Distinctive Countertops with Stories to Tell

Are you looking for a kitchen countertop that is uniquely you? More and more customers come to Imagine Surfaces wanting a countertop that isn’t just like all of their neighbors'.  They say, “I’m tired of seeing the same granite countertops from Lowe's and Home Depot everywhere, I want something unique!”  Here are 4 countertop solutions that will not only set your kitchen apart, but will tell a unique story in the process!

Alberene Soapstone


Alberene Soapstone is quarried from a local quarry in Schuyler, VA, settled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The quarry was originally opened in 1883 and quickly became the largest employer in the area with 2,000 employees in its plant and quarries.  After the early 1920s the quarry was bought and sold several times before eventually being abandoned.  In 2004 the quarry was reopened and the process of bringing back an American manufacturer began.

Soapstone has a beautiful classic look with a unique soft texture.  It is one of the densest stones in the world making it impervious to bacteria and staining.  So, when you choose Alberene Soapstone for your home, you not only get a beautiful and durable surface, but you get a chance to tell the story of a revitalized, local manufacturer!

Vetrazzo Recycled Glass

It is no surprise that Vetrazzo’s motto is “A story in every surface”.  Vetrazzo countertops are all produced domestically in Tate, Georgia and are made of 85% recycled glass.   Because glass doesn’t scratch or stain, Vetrazzo makes a great countertop. The beautiful combinations of glass could be remnants from your Christmas party, or from the windows of a historic building that has recently been restored.  In fact, if you look closely you might be able to read some of the original writing inscribed on the surface of the glass. Wherever the glass comes from, each surface has its own unique story to tell.

Georgia Marble

White Cherokee Slab.jpg

Another great pillar (literally) of American history is Georgia Marble.  Founded in 1884 Georgia Marble covers much of our nations capital, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building.  Georgia Marble has a beautiful white background with clouds of gray veining running throughout.  The stone has a unique crystal structure that makes it one of the most durable marbles on the market. It is much less likely to stain, etch, or scratch than other white marbles.  If Georgia Marble is strong enough for some of our most treasured monuments, isn’t it the perfect fit for your countertop? When you install Georgia Marble in your home you are installing a countertop with a story built right in.  

Traditional Italian Whites


Is there any greater story than that of King David? When Michelangelo was carving his most famous of statues, it was no accident that he chose the beautiful white marble from Carrara, Italy.   Italian marble has been the pinnacle of elegance for hundreds of years.  It is true that white marbles will scratch, etch and can stain.  For many people this is a deal breaker because they want their countertops to always look perfect. However, if you talk to the French and the Italians, they will tell you that all of this “wear” is just a patina that adds to the character of the stone.  All of the wear serves to continually tell the story of great meals and time spent together.  When choosing your countertop, you can’t go wrong with the stone that has been used to tell stories for centuries.  If it was good enough for Michelangelo, we think it’s good enough for us!