Marble Countertops - Why they are a Great Idea

We love the look of a classic marble countertop, but it's challenging to know where to begin when deciding if marble is the right choice for your kitchen remodel! Marble can be a great option if you're looking for something that is elegant, bright, and adds character to your kitchen. Marble, namely Carrara marble, can be a great value for your money, but many people shy away from marble because of the upkeep that is associated with this surface. Well, it's only half true and we'll tell you why!

Marble 101

Marble is a hard stone, but it's not the hardest; it's somewhere between granite (less marks/scratching) and soapstone (more scratching) and can react to acids on its surface to cause marks and etches. Due to this, marble does require some maintenance over the years, but it's nothing you can't handle. We often hear marble compared to the "jeans of countertops" - they get better with age!


Marble comes in a honed finish that is a matte finish on the surface and gives a soft look to the stone. This finish leaves the pores "open," so we recommend professionally sealing the marble upon installation to limit staining over time. You can easily DIY the sealing process as you see fit once it begins to wear.

This is the "shiny" finish that makes the marble appear brighter but can scratch and etch more easily, making it a bit more upkeep than the honed finish. If you prefer the worn in look, choose the honed finish and skip the polish.


It's true that it's important to be aware of things that could cause damage to your marble countertops or finish, like lemon juice or vinegar. When marble reacts with acid, we call that an "etch," or a light gray mark on the surface, but there are ways to remove those marks or blend them. Overall, however, marble is a very easy surface to clean, and you don't want to use any harsh cleaners with acidic ingredients. All it takes is a gentle dishwashing soap, a spray bottle of warm water, and a wet dish cloth. Add a tablespoon of the dishwashing soap to the spray bottle and spray countertops. Wipe off with a wet dish cloth, then buff and dry with a soft absorbent towel. Easy!

We would love to answer more of your marble questions or show you our inventory!