Why Marble is the Top Choice for New Neutral Kitchens

At Imagine Surfaces, we love a clean all-white kitchen, and white has been a sought-after kitchen style for years. Hello, Instagram #goals, right? Well, we are saying goodbye to the white kitchens of yesteryear and instead welcoming a new neutral to the kitchen. Country Living calls it "Neutral Kitchen 2.0" and says that this trend "is still understated, but (thankfully!) not cold, sterile, or cookie-cutter." White can still play, but soft neutrals and natural surfaces are the trademarks of the new neutral heart of the home. 

Marble has long been one of our favorite surfaces, and this new neutral definitely calls for a marble countertop, with its soft veining and variety of shades in creams and grays, and we are in full support. Light countertops are the perfect balance for a dark floor, above.

The new neutral doesn't have to be boring, but instead, incorporates warmth and pattern into the overall design through areas like flooring. The marble countertop keeps the overall feel of the space neutral, while the floor packs a punch without overwhelming the eye. Soft gray veining in the marble ties in perfectly with the matte gray cabinets to create a cohesive design. 

The warmth in this kitchen is created through varying shades and textures of wood material. A marble surface keeps the space from feeling too "country" or "rustic" with all of the wood elements. 

Neutrals like sage green can keep your kitchen feeling fresh without the sterile look of white cabinets. Resist looking for a countertop surface that matches your paint color; instead you could use a marble like the Montclair Danby, one of our more exotic-looking surfaces, that features soft green veining as opposed to gray or black veining. 

We are happy to help you find a surface to complete your kitchen or home renovation project. Contact us with any questions.