Sustainable Design

Chances are, if you’ve done any amount of research into your design project, you’ve heard about “sustainable design.” What is it and why is it important? The tougher question: how do I achieve sustainable design in my home or design project? Sustainable design focuses on eliminating negative environmental impacts through using renewable resources and reducing waste during production of materials being used.

First, it’s important to look at your design project overall. What are your goals? If you’re updating your kitchen, you may be doing a complete overhaul or just a cosmetic makeover. Either way, you can make design choices that are environmentally conscious and work with suppliers who source responsibly produced materials. Of course, you also want to make wise investments as you purchase materials and in your overall design to ensure that you'll enjoy your finished project for years to come, which is another principle of sustainable design. 

We are proud to offer a variety of surfaces that can be included in your sustainable design project, and are proud to carry Vetrazzo - a surface material that is comprised of recycled crushed glass and hard resin to create a stunning surface in a variety of different color palettes to suit your palette.

Other surfaces on the market, like marble and soapstone, are considered sustainable based on their mining techniques and how much energy and waste are produced during the production process. We look for sourcing partners that are earth-friendly in how they extract the stone and what kind of output their machinery produces. Talk with your designer to ensure that you are working with and sourcing from only the best producers in the stone industry. As always, contact us with any questions about sustainable design and how to get started.