Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Chances are, if you’ve done any amount of research into your design project, you’ve heard about “sustainable design.” What is it and why is it important? The tougher question: how do I achieve sustainable design in my home or design project? Sustainable design focuses on eliminating negative environmental impacts through using renewable resources and reducing waste during production of materials being used.

Vetrazzo at Preserve

Vetrazzo uses recycled glass to create a beautiful surface and is one of our favorite materials for environmental design. Recently, we had the chance to chat with Michelle Hoffman, the owner of Preserve, an Annapolis eatery in the "Top 100 DC Restaurants," to hear what she had to say about using Vetrazzo as one of the surfaces at Preserve.

Q: Will you tell us a little bit about Preserve?

A: Preserve is a casual American restaurant in Downtown Annapolis with a seasonal and sustainable focus. Pickling, preserving and fermenting is also a passion and focus on the menu.  Husband and wife team Chef Jeremy and Michelle Hoffman’s love of agriculture and support for the local community is reflected throughout the restaurant’s mission. With seasonal craft cocktails created by Michelle, and Chef Jeremy’s American cuisine featuring local ingredients, guests can trust the food they are eating and feel good about doing so.

Q: You already serve dishes made with local ingredients; why is environmental design so important at Preserve? 

A: We actually care deeply about the environment in all aspects of the restaurant. Below is our environmental policy from our handbook. Specific in regards to the decor - It allows us to relay our commitment to the environment in a tangible/beautiful way. Vetrazzo is only one of many ways we try to do re-purposed or environmentally friendly design. We re-purposed old windows into mirrors, stitched different samples of commercial grade fabric to look like old sails on our banquette seating area and we sourced sustainable forested wood for all of our table tops, just to name a few.

At Preserve we are committed to enhancing the environment around us and we strive to reduce our impact on it. As we work towards continual improvement, the following are current steps we take to prevent pollution and reduce waste.

·        Buy local food and beverages to reduce our carbon footprint via deliveries and support the local community.

·        Make a continuous effort to buy certified green packaging for all to-go items.

·        Use recycled or re-purposed goods for décor when possible.

·        Recycle old fryer oil to be used for bio diesel.

·        Participate in a recycling program.

·        Use energy efficient equipment. 

Q: Wow! We love your commitment to the environment. When designing the restaurant, how did you choose which surface to feature? 

A: We selected Vetrazzo in "Glass House". For us, this was a neutral in the space with just a small amount of color. It is extremely complementary to other textures and materials. For example, we have Vetrazzo as the dining surface at all of our bars and it looks amazing next to our brown leather and iron barstools. 

It certainly does! We love Preserve's commitment to the environment and agree that Vetrazzo nicely complements the restaurant's design and mission. 

If you're thinking about a surface that complements its surroundings while being environmentally friendly, Vetrazzo may be a great choice for you. Check out our current Vetrazzo inventory. 

Thank you to Michelle for letting us feature Preserve on the blog today! Be sure to visit Preserve in Annapolis or online at

Photos by Patrick McNamara.