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Alberene Soapstone is quarried in Schyler, Virginia, the only domestic soapstone quarry in the United States. The quarry was established in 1883, and the original plant is still in use.  The soapstone from Alberene is known for its low talc content which makes it the hardest North American soapstone on market.  It also has a deep blue gray color that looks almost completely black with waxing and oil.

About Soapstone

cannot stain

Soapstone is siliceous ‒nonporous, meaning it is unaffected and unharmed by acids contained in everyday substances like wine, lemon, or vinegar. 

easy to clean

Because soapstone is nonporous, you only need to treat it occasionally, to enhance the natural darkening process that occurs with all soapstone. Any household cleaner will do the trick!

doesn't harbor bacteria

As the densest natural stone counter surface, soapstone is a safe countertop for residential use. It is the ONLY natural stone countertop that does not require a chemical sealer.