Vermont Danby Marble

Vermont Danby marble quarry has been in operation since 1767.  Marble from the Vermont Danby quarry has been used in projects all over the United States and the world including the Jefferson Memorial and United States Capital.  The Vermont Marble has a slight crystallization that makes it harder and more durable than most other marbles from regions like Italy.  

royal danby

Royal Danby is similar in look to the Imperial Danby.  However, it typically has less gold veining throughout the slab, and more of the dark gray or black veining.  It is a beautiful option if you are looking for a stone with more contrast than Imperial Danby.  The background of the slab is very white. 

Royal Danby Kitchen

Royal Danby Slab

Imperial Danby

Imperial Danby is the most popular variety of marble from the Vermont Danby Quarry.  Imperial Danby has subtle soft gold veins that run throughout the slabs.  The slabs often also have light gray or black veins that move throughout the slabs.  Since every block and slab is unique, the slabs can change significantly from piece to piece.  

Imperial Danby Kitchen

Imperial Danby Slab

Montclair danby

Montclair Danby is one of the more exotic and stunning marbles from the Vermont Danby Quarry.  It has dramatic sweeping veins that run through the slabs.  The veins are typically a soft light green, that contrast with the nice white background of the slab.  

Montclair Danby Kitchen

Montclair Danby Slab

Olympian danby

Olympian Danby is typically a very white marble with light soft veining.  The veining will vary from block to block, but the slabs typically have medium to heavy veining. 

Olympian Danby Slab

Olympian Danby Slab

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